ā€‹ā€‹innovation Strategy




We work with our clients to define innovation, and build all the appropriate blocks of an eco-system, that will result in a highly innovative organization. This innovation capability will drive growth, profitability, and sustainability.

  • Innovation strategy
    Developing a global innovation strategy. ibtiquar process covers the entire innovation value chain from vision to implementation.

  • Business model design

    Crafting and developing new and disruptive business models for sustainable growth.

  • Product and service innovation

    Creating and developing new products and services through the entire lifecycle: concept, design, develop, prototype, test, release.
    Our team has experience designing dozens of products and services across a number of industries.

  • Operations innovation
    Designing new processes that result in significant cost reductions, better operations management, and improved performance throughout the entire chain.
    Our unique approach is to help clients leverage their manufacturing and operations capabilities as a competitive advantage.

  • The innovative organization

    Inspiring the leadership and designing the organization and that will foster an innovation mindset, and promote an engaged, and high performing culture.
    Implementing a custom designed innovation process that will enable and
    sustain innovation management.

  • Sustainability and Social development

    Developing and implementing new programs to increase your social impact.

Building and managing innovation capability across client organizations