​​innovation Strategy


Ali Amrani worked for more than a decade in the Silicon Valley in the technology industry managing both operations and innovation teams at leading multinationals.
Ali introduced many high-tech products and platforms to the market, and implemented critical and multidisciplinary initiatives across industries and regions. He held numerous leadership positions from product R&D and operations, supply chain management and logistics, to strategy development and innovation at Cisco Systems, NVIDIA, Avaya, and Hewlett-Packard. Ali was headhunted to head Global Join-Ventures and Industrial Strategy at OCP Group in Morocco. Afterward, He founded “<Logitech> iBTIQUAR – Innovation Lab“; the leading innovation advisory in the region . He also teaches and does research in innovation, and supply chain management and transportation fields. Ali is very active within the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Arab World, Africa, and more particularly in Morocco.

Ali Amrani is a board member of the Agency for Digital Development - ADD, and the president of the Innovation and Investment Committee in Morocco.

Ali did his studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – RPI, Stanford University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT.