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“Every aspect of the mission was different for us!
During this process, we were often out of our comfort zone, furious; but in the end, we let our business results speak of the success of the mission”

”With ibtiquar, we developed the right skills, set the right environment and mindset, put in place the right systems; creating the best synergies and procedures for innovation within our organization”

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Once we have executive buy-in, we lead the innovation process from start to execution.

We conduct research with clients, their customers and suppliers, to fully understand their entire value chain.


​​innovation Strategy


Our main concern is not having a satisfied client, as it is often hard for most people to accept change! Our objective is to have a successful and impactful mission with our client. Visionaries and leaders are generally the most satisfied with innovation strategies!.

innovate for tomorrow

“Our customer satisfaction levels are now at an all-time high! Using a completely new approach. Thanks to ibtiquar innovation”


The approach is customized to  the organizations we work with, and to their different goals and objectives for innovation.

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